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About Walgreens

Walgreens is many things to many people. We believe in providing excellent patient and customer service to those we serve. We’re a trusted wellness provider that supplies customers, patients and payors with everything from prescriptions and vaccinations to specialty pharmaceuticals and wellness services. And to our team members, Walgreens represents a unique opportunity to excel in their careers in a diverse and inclusive environment.

Job Title Location Date
Pharmacy Manager \ Director of Pharmacy Infusion ServicesCoopersville, MI09/15/2014
Intake SupervisorCoopersville, MI09/11/2014
Office Clerk Clerical\AdmisitrativeCoopersville, MI09/11/2014
Per Diem Home Infusion Nurse Traverse City\Northwestern MI AreaCoopersville, MI09/09/2014
Cash Application SpecialistCoopersville, MI09/08/2014
Reimbursement ClerkCoopersville, MI09/08/2014
Registered Nurse II Grand Rapids AreaCoopersville, MI09/05/2014
Per Diem Home Infusion Nurse Kalamazoo\Battle Creek AreaCoopersville, MI08/27/2014
Reimbursement SupervisorCoopersville, MI07/31/2014
Collection SpecialistCoopersville, MI07/31/2014
Collection SpecialistCoopersville, MI07/31/2014
Pharmacy Technician II Infusion ServicesCoopersville, MI05/05/2014
Collection SpecialistCoopersville, MI03/12/2014
Reimbursement ManagerCoopersville, MI11/18/2013
Nurse ICoopersville, MI09/17/2013
Reimbursement SupervisorCoopersville, MI09/06/2013

Recent Job Openings

Reimbursement Supervisor - Coopersville, MI
Description: Job Duties Include : Supervises Reimbursement Process from beginning to end. Assists Manager with monitoring adherence to policies and procedures, and performing audits as designated Manager. Assists with monitoring and evaluating reimbursement employee productivity and performance to goal. Assists with training new reimbursement employees and conduct ongoing training and skills assessment as necessary. Assists reimbursem...
Reference Code: 309548
Per Diem Home Infusion Nurse Kalamazoo\Battle Creek Area - Coopersville, MI
Description: Job Duties Include: A Registered Nurse l is a licensed professional who provides direct and indirect patient care services under a physician’s plan of care and in accordance with the policies and procedures of Walgreens, the state’s professional standards, and regulatory entities. A Registered Nurse I is responsible for assessment of all patients assigned to him/her, establishing and implementing the plan of care plan, ed...
Reference Code: 309658
Collection Specialist - Coopersville, MI
Description: Job Duties Include: Ensures prompt and timely payment of submitted invoices. Follows up on invoices submitted to ensure prompt and timely payment and escalates issues as necessary. Evaluates payments/denials received for correctness and ensures that they are applied appropriately. Identifies bad debt write-offs and A/R adjustments. Initiates write-off and adjustments in accordance with policies and procedures. Ensures tha...
Reference Code: 309544