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About Walgreens

Walgreens is many things to many people. We believe in providing excellent patient and customer service to those we serve. We’re a trusted wellness provider that supplies customers, patients and payors with everything from prescriptions and vaccinations to specialty pharmaceuticals and wellness services. And to our team members, Walgreens represents a unique opportunity to excel in their careers in a diverse and inclusive environment.

Job Title Location Date
Warehouse CoordinatorCoopersville, MI04/01/2014
Collection SpecialistCoopersville, MI03/19/2014
Billing SpecialistCoopersville, MI03/19/2014
Collection SpecialistCoopersville, MI03/12/2014
Billing SpecialistCoopersville, MI03/12/2014
Driver 1Coopersville, MI11/26/2013
Reimbursement ManagerCoopersville, MI11/18/2013
Nurse ICoopersville, MI09/17/2013
Driver 1Coopersville, MI09/09/2013
Reimbursement SupervisorCoopersville, MI09/06/2013
Warehouse CoordinatorCoopersville, MI05/31/2013
Intake CoordinatorCoopersville, MI05/23/2013
Reimbursement Specialist ICoopersville, MI05/06/2013
Driver 1Coopersville, MI05/06/2013

Recent Job Openings

Billing Specialist - Coopersville, MI
Description: Job Duties Include: Process claims and invoices. Submits timely, accurate invoices to payer for products and services provided. Correctly determines quantities and prices for drugs billed. Verifies that the services and products are correctly authorized and that required documentation is on file prior to billing. Ensures that invoices are submitted for services and products that are properly ordered and confirmed as provi...
Reference Code: 308945
Driver 1 - Coopersville, MI
Description: Job Duties Include: The Driver l is responsible for the appropriate, timely delivery of equipment, supplies and medications to patients receiving home health care services. The technician is required to complete paperwork and documentation as per Walgreens policy. The driver assists with warehouse/pharmacy operations and equipment/vehicle management. Demonstrates competency and compliance with Walgreens policy in the deli...
Reference Code: 308459
Reimbursement Manager - Coopersville, MI
Description: Job Duties Include: Manage all aspects of the intake/reimbursement department including the timely, accurate submission and collection of all patient and customer accounts. Meet cash, AR and DSO goals as established by corporate. Keep the unbilled at or below Walgreens parameters.Works with the intake and/or reimbursement department in order to manage the entire process from insurance verification to final collection. Sch...
Reference Code: 308412