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Reimagine a pharmacy career with Walgreens!

At Walgreens, pharmacists use their expertise and know-how to help patients live healthier lives. This takes place in a variety of settings beyond a traditional retail pharmacy, allowing pharmacists to have a bigger impact in communities within our retail footprint. Whether it is providing important patient consultations via tele-support or working with advanced robotic technology in our pharmacy micro fulfillment centers, Walgreens offers a wide range of career opportunities to fit your needs. Learn more from some of our pharmacists on their experiences below.

On-Site Pharmacy

On-site or work site pharmacists work in a medical office or other work site setting (sometimes on-campus at another company’s offices) to deliver more care through an autonomous work environment. Our on-site pharmacists consult with medical staff to develop clinical programs, provide consultations on complex medications and can also arrange home care services for patients after discharge. Our work site pharmacists interact with patients at their designated worksite providing wellness and health programming screenings, conducting private patient counseling, and more.

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“I was interested in specialty pharmacy because it is one of the fastest growing industries and there are such advances in therapies to help patients manage complex medical conditions.”

Ben Beshalske, Registered Manager on-site pharmacy, community-based specialty pharmacy
Central Utility pharmacist

Centralized Services Pharmacy

Centralized Services (or Call Center) is an off-site support function for our retail stores. Located in an office environment, our call centers provide services for the front-end of the store, but also have a dedicated pharmacy staff working behind the scenes to assist store across the country with prescription verification, patient consultations and more. Our centralized services team is important in alleviating the in-store workload and allowing our community pharmacists more time for face-to-face patient consultations.


“This role allows me to be focused on the task at hand. Whether it’s verifying a prescription or answering a clinical question for a patient over the phone, I can do so without worrying about the multiple things a traditional retail pharmacist has to worry about that is going on in the background.  I can focus on the quality of my work and put patient safety front and center,” James Go, Walgreens central utility pharmacist

Support Center (corporate)

As a pharmacy that has been around for over 120 years, pharmacists are ingrained throughout our organization including our corporate offices. Our support center pharmacists work in areas such as strategic programs, pharmacy operations, human resources, and more.

Walgreens specialty pharmacist

Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty pharmacists are a big part of the healthcare support system for patients with chronic illnesses and complicated rare disease states. These pharmacists build strong trusted relationships with patients, and collaborate with clinics, organizations and hospitals that provide care for disease such as oncology, HIV and AIDs, neurology, infertility, rheumatology and more.


“Working with the marginalized has always resonated with me and to be able to do this work daily is beyond fulfilling. I am so grateful for the reciprocal care that I can give and receive from my patients and team members,” Carline Joseph, Walgreens specialty pharmacist


Pharmacy Micro-Fulfillment Center

Our pharmacy micro-fulfillment centers use robotic automation as well as an on-site pharmacy staff of technicians and pharmacists to help alleviate the workload for our store locations. These sites typically fill automatic refills and support hundreds of retail locations from one site.

Walgreens Retail Pharmacist

In-Store Pharmacy

The in-store pharmacy work environment has the largest amount of opportunity within our organization. With nearly 9,000 retail stores and within five miles of 78% of the U.S. population, we have convenience and accessibility covered. In-store pharmacists work in a fast-paced environment, supporting local healthcare needs for patients such as providing consultations for prescriptions and OTC medications, connecting with medical providers, and validating patient prescriptions. In addition to staff pharmacist roles, there is also an opportunity to manage your own Walgreens pharmacy as a Walgreens pharmacy manager!

Retail Management

Many of the members of our retail leadership teams are registered pharmacists who pivoted their career from medical provider into business by supporting retail and pharmacy operations. Store managers are responsible for the full operation of a retail store encompassing both the pharmacy and the front-end of the store where customers make their everyday purchases. District managers and healthcare supervisors work at an area level where they are responsible for multiple locations within a geographic area. Additionally, many of our field leadership team members can work on special projects or initiatives supported by the corporate support center.


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